W2M Trading LLC,
Online Trading Academy

Why W2M Trading ?

W2M Trading LLC is a pioneer company specialized in Online Trading .
W2M Trading was founded in 2019 and it’s head office is in Sharjah – UAE.
The founder of the company is Eng. Momen Medhat – Communications
Engineer & Entrepreneur .
We are specialized in providing all services related to online trading in
financial markets, such as Education Academy, Trading, Signals,
Copy Trading, Consulting, Webinars, and Trading Blogs.
We have the ability to provide the core value of online trading
and let everyone have a magnificent experience.

About W2M Trading

Our Vision

“There are 2 ways to make money.. Which way are you gonna choose?
working from 9 to 5 or being your own boss”.
We in W2M Trading aim to Help as many people as possible to create
their own investment opportunity.

Our Mission

Providing the core value of online trading and teaching people the
basics and rules of trading, in order to become professional traders
in the future.